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Diet and Nutrition Data

Computer programs for nutrition calculation

Dietitian Net

Dietitian Net is a complete nutritional calculation program which is available through your web browser or as an installable program. This means that you can use any computer with Internet access at any time to use the application and access your calculations.

Dietitian Net comes in several finishes. A professional paid version (Dietitian Net Pro), a free version with limited functionality and special versions of the program for people suffering from renal failure and Parkinsons disease that need a special diet. There is also a variant of the software, Dietitian Net Group, which educational institutions, sports clubs, fitness companies among others can use.

  • Dietitian Net can be used on any Internet connected computer.
  • Dietitian Net can be used on both Mac and Windows computers.
  • You can easily share calculations with their colleagues.
  • Dietitian Net is available in a free version that clients / patients can use for diet registration.
  • Diet Registrations made ​​in the free version can easily be forwarded to a dietitian or nutritionist.
  • Updates of the software and databases are automatic.
  • Dietitian Net is using food databases from a large number of sources.
  • You can create your own standard norms and foodstuff and also allow colleagues to use these in their calculations.
  • You have always access your calculations as these are stored in a central database.
  • It is possible to create your own recipes that you can use in your calculations.
  • There are tools to calculate rates in the program so that you can easily budget meals.
  • The result is displayed in clear bar and pie charts. Ability to enlarge / reduce charts.
  • Several ways to specify norms, SNR, activities, Harris Benedict etc.
  • Quantities are in common household units.
  • The computer selects the default number, eg 1 apple, unless you specify otherwise.
  • Graphs show either as a meal, all day or as an average for the period.
  • Each calculation can include up to 21 days on each of nine meals.
  • You can also specify the time when the food is eaten and then get a graph showing nutritional intake during the day.